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Sterilised Water for Injections BP

Water undergoes several purification processes such as softening, reverse osmosis, demineralization & distillation before it reaches filling station. In-process tests are carried out by in-house laboratory at each stage according to GMP norms.

LDPE granules are imported from France & Germany, which undergo several physical, chemical & biological tests by in-house laboratory and other independent Government approved laboratories before it is approved for use in production.

Water for injections is manufactured through single stage form-fill-seal technology of Switzerland. The entire manufacturing process is fully automatic & does not require human intervention; the entire process is under horizontal laminar air flow. Further the filled ampoules are subject to terminal sterilization which leaves no room for contamination.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is backed by FDCA approved technical staff, all the members of which have experience of more than 10 years in SWFI manufacturing industry.

The product is WHO - GMP certified, it is registered and exported to many countries around the world due to its quality and efficacy.

  WHO - GMP Certified